Follow the instructions below to test your game with the Legends of Learning test harness.


Your game will run inside of an iframe in a webpage served by LoL. When testing your game locally, use the Test Harness provided in the Legends of Learning Developer Portal. Test early and often!

The Test Harness plays the role of the LoL platform and lets you confirm that a game can send and receive messages. The Test Harness allows you to see how a game interacts with a simulated platform including:

  • Starting your game

  • Loading progress

  • Initialization

  • Pause and resume

  • Injecting language

  • Speaking text

  • Receiving questions

  • Submitting answers

  • Completing the game

Using the Test Harness

  • Open the test harness

  • Enter the local URL created by Unity from the build and run option in Unity or run a local server (like a python http server) into the “Enter Game Source URL” area. For submitted games, the URL for the game on the LOL server is present in the Games tab.

  • Upload your language JSON file (Tips on JSON formatting).

  • Click “Load Game”.

  • You can click “View Message Logs” to see all the API calls as they happen when playing the game. This is how the technical reviewers review your build. There is a button for viewing the game in Spanish if you included the "es" translation in your JSON file.

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