Testing and Submission
Follow the instructions below to test and submit your game to Legends of Learning.


Your game will run inside of an iframe in a webpage served by LoL. When testing your game locally, use the Test Harness provided in the Legends of Learning Developer Portal. Test early and often!
The Test Harness plays the role of the LoL platform and lets you confirm that a game can send and receive messages. The Test Harness allows you to see how a game interacts with a simulated platform including:
  • Starting your game
  • Loading progress
  • Initialization
  • Pause and resume
  • Injecting language
  • Speaking text
  • Receiving questions
  • Submitting answers
  • Completing the game
See the Developer Portal for further instructions for using the Test Harness.


When your game is ready to be reviewed by Legends of Learning staff, follow the instructions below to submit your game:
  1. 1.
    Login to the Developer Portal
  2. 2.
    Upload your game version as a zip archive including the lol_spec.json file shown below
  3. 3.
    Upload your language file separately as a .json file in the same submission as your game zip file
  4. 4.
    On your game slot, navigate to ‘Edit Game’ and enter a creative game name, description, and thumbnail image
  5. 5.
    Wait for review process feedback, teacher ratings and marketplace metrics
  6. 6.
    Repeat for next iteration of game
Games must comply with all technical requirements and restrictions on the Guidelines page and described in the Legends of Learning Developer Contract. Games must implement all required Concepts to work within the LoL platform.
The lol_spec.json file is now required for JavaScript, Construct and Unity game version submissions. This file includes 1 required value for JavaScript and Construct games as shown below.
"lol_sdk_version": "5"
The lol_sdk_version above should reflect the sdk version of the LoL platform used.
For Unity games you will find the latest Unity project template includes this for you and it contains 2 required values as shown below.
"unity_version": "2019.4.16f1",
"lol_sdk_version": "5"
Without this file at the root of the zip archive, any upload in the portal will throw an error.
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