Game Developer API

Version 5: October 2020

  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated methods SpeakQuestion, SpeakAnswer, and SpeakQuestionsAndAnswers.
  • Added
    • New methods SaveState and LoadState with callback event.

Version 4: June 2019

  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated event QuestionsReceived and method SubmitAnswer.
  • Added
    • New method ShowQuestion and event AnswerResultReceived.

Version 3: February 2019

  • Internal
    • Adds a build manifest file called lol_build_specs.json to the StreamingAssets folder to assist with game review automation. This file is automatically generated with each build.
  • Deprecated
    • Deprecated methods PlaySound, StopSound, and ConfigureSound. You will still need to listen for pause/resume state changes and adjust game sound accordingly.
    • Deprecated event GameStateChanged for handling pause/resume. Instead developers should set Application.runInBackground = false.

Version 2: November 2017

  • Internal
  • Speech: Added calls allowing games to indicate whenever they are displaying text, questions, or or answers. This allows the LOL platform to speak the text to students when desired.
  • Language: Added an event where games receive language dictionary, possibly translated into multiple languages
  • Lifecycle: Version 1 had games call "Init" and then begin. This meant the LOL platforms had no means for passing information into the game. In Version 2, the lifecycle is updated to allow a three phase sequential.
    • Init: Start an API instance (injects GameObject into scene)
    • GameIsReady (payload): Game tells platform game has been initialized
    • StartGame (payload): Platform tells game to start, possibly passing initialization data
  • Language: choice of language, ex. english or Spanish. Read about Language here.
  • LastGameProgress: returns the last progress point submitted by the game. Allows games to resume when students lose their session.

Version 1: November 2016

  • Initial Release.
    • Game lifecycle: games start and complete themselves
    • Receive questions and Send answers
    • Performance debugging tools
    • Audio solution for WebGL / iPad
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