Download SDK V5
The lol-unity-sdk-v5_2-LTS.unitypackage contains all of the resources you need for developing a game for the Legends of Learning platform.
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    If you are upgrading from a previous version of the SDK then you should delete it from your project before proceeding.
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    Download the unitypackage file from the link above
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    Import into a new or existing Unity project using the top menubar in your Unity project: Assets->Import Package->Custom Package.
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    Get familiar with the latest API features in the LegendsOfLearning-Example folder. You can delete this folder when you no longer need it.
The Unity SDK includes the following files:
  • LOLSDK.dll: contains LOLSDK singleton for all API calls and subscribe events.
  • LoLWebGL.cs: Externs C# interface to JavaScript in WebGL build.
  • LoLWebGL.jslib: Provides in-browser Javascript functionality
  • WebGLTemplate (lol-template): When building your game for WebGL you need to use the LoL WebGL template contained in the package file. The folder /Assets/WebGLTemplates/lol-template contains a basic index.html for the WebGL build.
  • Demo: subfolder containing an example project implementation of the SDK.
To use the SDK in your Unity C# code, you must use the SDK namespace.
using LoLSDK;
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