Questions + Answers

Some, but not all, games will include curriculum-based questions and answers. LoL has assembled a data-bank of professionally-developed questions and answers for each Learning Objective, which are surfaced through the LoL API.

You may choose to write your own questions and answers and therefore not use our question bank. This gives you more flexibility, but removes the game's interaction with our platform. Many games will not have in-game questions, and of those that do, many will not use our question bank. It is your choice. Only 5 of these curriculum-based assessment / quiz type questions can be used in your game.

With LoL API V4, the LOL Platform takes care of question presentation and collecting the student's answer to the question. The API optionally provides an interface for your game to show a question, which is presented as an overlay on top of your game, as well as a callback event to receive a payload about the player's response to the question.

pageQuestion Overlay (V4)

For LoL API V3 and earlier, the API optionally provides a list of questions to be incorporated into your game and an interface for your game to submit a player's answer to a given question.

pageQuestion List (V3)

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