Player Progress

Player Progress is used to report gameplay progress to the instructor.

You must have at least 8 progress increments in your game. As a result, your game must call submitProgress a minimum of 8 times during the course of a complete game to provide game-play progress updates to the LoL platform. We recommend 15+ progress points so the platform can provide a more fine-grained progress bar to the student's teacher. Progress values must never decrease during the game.

If your game has a concept of score then include it when you call SubmitProgress. Score is how well the student is doing in terms of game play. For example, coins earned killing dragons rather than their academic score answering questions. The scores will be visible on a Leaderboard for the class. It is not required to have a concept of a score (you may not have a score if you are exploring a room).

Each currentProgress (and optional score) value becomes the new value -- they are not added to previous values. You must also include a maximumProgress value that must be equal to the highest possible currentProgress value and must remain constant throughout the game.

As you can see in the sample below, the submitProgress function takes a progress object as its only parameter. In this case the player is two tenths of the way through the game and has a score of 12.

const progress = {
  currentProgress: 2,
  maximumProgress: 10,
  score: 12

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